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We first met Caylee at a motorbike flat track race. She was racing and taking amazing photographs (in between winning her heats and getting into the final.) Immediately we knew she was our kind of human.

Caylee started out on the other side of the camera as a model but quickly became fascinated with how the photographic process worked. She started trying out taking photographs herself and realised her experience as a model had taught her how to deal and interact with people in front of the lens. She has an amazing way with subjects that means she gets the most out of them whilst putting them at ease.

After assisting and learning from several high-profile fashion photographers Caylee decided to go solo. A strong creative drive fuelled her journey and she developed her own unique style. She blends her love of travel, adventure, motorbikes and people with her fashion photographers’ eye. A beautiful and emotive documentary style that informs and delights the viewer.

Caylee has made her mark by working all around the world, Thailand, Columbia, Dubai, Gambia, New York, LA, Sweden, Peru, Bolivia, Norfolk… you name it. Always a camera in her hands. Most recently documenting a group of women motorbiking across the deserts of Morocco and into the Atlas Mountains (and yes Caylee did the journey on a bike too).

Caylee has also worked with a women’s group, mentoring women from the developing world who want to explore the world of photography.

She has worked with many brands such as Harley Davidson, Mitsubishi, Hedon Helmets and Stance Socks. Her work has been featured extensively in Sideburn Magazine, 13&Half Magazine, Classic bike Magazine Jocks and Nerds magazine & Phoenix Magazine. Her charity work in Gambia is particular favourite of hers.

Caylee owns 3 cameras and 3 motorbikes and tries to combine both obsessions as often as possible.

With her growing reputation and experience in photography, Caylee is now looking to expand her horizon with making moving images. Her aim is to start working in commercials combining her beautiful documentary approach with all sorts of interesting brands.  We have no doubt she is on the right track…