Nissan by Gerald McMorrow

19 July 2017

Gerald has been missing in the US of A for the best part of a year. We were wondering if he was ever coming back., So, the other day he popped into the office with his trademark grin and effervescent wit, carrying with him a completed 14 film campaign for Nissan. We are sharing the first two with you as a taster of Gerald’s Nissan odyssey.

Combining his filmmakers eye with his consummate understanding of post-production, ‘Moving Highways’ show how our cars are becoming smarter and smarter – making up for our somewhat feeble and ever shortening attention spans.

Big Wheel features the kid’s iconic trike in the hands of a whip-smart, cool, young girl who clearly eschews the notion that girls should like pink. The action neatly mirrors her with her equally cool mum cruising in her blacked-out Nissan Rogue. Leather jackets, attitude a plenty and a matching soundtrack.

So clearly, we should let Gerald disappear more often.