Toffifee “Imperfect” by Liz Murphy

12 April 2018

There is a tendency amongst parents to bemoan the pressures of family life, the chaos, the perpetual grinding tiredness, the lack of gratitude, lack of support, the financial pressures, the bloody dog, the anxiety, social one-upmanship, the school gate mafia, that perfect family up the road in the big house who manage to go skiing and somewhere hot every year with their kids who seem to win everything, questionable school mates, and ringworm. But the truth is family life can be a series of magic moments, plenty of giggles and warm loving memories. Liz manages to capture this side of family life in a delightful series of filmic vignettes, coaxing the most naturalistic performances out of her cast.

Why ruin a perfectly simple, indulgent and financially stable life and have kids? I ask from time to time, but, watching Liz’s film reminds me why.