Creative Review loves Liz’s awesome National Trust film as much as we do!


18 August 2014

The film has made it onto the creative bible’s round-up of the week’s best work.

Jaeger Autumn/Winter 2014 by Tareq


11 August 2014

The British fashion brand celebrates its 130th Anniversary by enlisting the help of three top models and their mothers in an elegant and poignant series of films that draws attention to the matters of style.

Jodie Kidd and mother Wendy, Jacquetta Wheeler with photographer mother Tessa Codrington and Jasmine Guinness alongside mother Liz Casey star in an interview/documentary film directed by Tareq that succeeds in capturing the spirit and style of the classic chic fashion house – that quintessential balance of taste and elegance we have come to expect from Tareq’s extensive collection of fashion work.


The first video, entitled ‘Character’ features each mother and daughter musing over the characteristics they have acquired through the generations: ‘Her determination’, said Wheeler on mother Tessa Codrington, while Guinness expanded on her mother’s ‘bloody-mindedness’ and Wendy Kidd modestly names the ‘sense of humour’ she hopes to have imparted.

There are three further films accompanying the season’s launch, each based around a topic of discussion – ranging from what constitutes British style exactly to what it means to be a modern woman.

Jacquetta Wheeler with photographer mother Tessa Codrington

Bad Excuses


5 August 2014

Iceland, the land of the midnight sun, is also the land of government-backed alcohol stores, acting as the only place to legally purchase booze of any sort. While this may sound a bit of an inconvenience to those of us in free-flowing, free-drinking countries, Vinbudin, the authority that runs the stores encourages Icelanders to buy booze at their shops, as their latest campaign directed by Borkor shows. The only inconvenience they want you to avoid when purchasing is forgetting your ID, backed by some entertaining (if slightly dubious) statistics.

In three very humorous spots, we see people with ‘dog-ate-my-homework-type’ explanations as to why they don’t have any form of ID with them – in one case, quite literally. Borkur teases out some wickedly captivating excuses that leave you waiting for the punchline, delivered in that expert deadpan style we have come to expect from Borkur’s work, most recently in his acclaimed spot for Cif. The reactions of the exasperated shop assistant having to deal with these air-headed customers is worth the watch alone.

Pick of the bunch is ‘Washing Machine’, that takes its cue from that infamous Levi’s 501 laundromat spot from the 80s, though this time with an Icelandic spin (cycle). A hunky, funkily-haired young man strips off to wash his clothes, much to the delight of the watching female audience in the steamy laundromat/diner/bar. Much to our delight however is the moment when we see that his passport has accompanied his jeans into the wash. Our unfortunate man tries his luck at the checkout, but the store assistant is having none of it, nor his rather ropey excuse explaining what exactly happened to his ID is.

Catch the spot here as well as the two sister films that are guaranteed to raise a laugh and remind you to always keep an eye at all times on all your forms of ID.

An extremely fun campaign for the National Trust


4 August 2014

The delightful film sees a bunch of very bored-looking children stuck indoors with very little to do. Then, in a blink of an eye, we’re thrown outside with the kids into the joy of the great outdoors and all manner of encounters at National Trust locations.


The film is the centrepiece of the National Trust’s ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾‘ initiative to get children back-in touch with nature – in every sense – from holding creepy-crawlies and rock-pooling in the hunt for crabs, to the simple joys of rolling down big hills and sitting out under the stars for a spot of stargazing. All lovely clean, wholesome stuff. And lots of great moments to GIF!


The young director follows up her critically-acclaimed childhood bereavement charity spot with a film that evokes strong childhood memories of days gone by.