Matt Houghton Joins Nice Shirt


19 February 2020

We at Nice Shirt Films are delighted to welcome Matt Houghton to our directors’ roster.

Matt is a prolific, multi award-winning filmmaker who crafts intimate human stories. His films often stand astride the line between fact and fiction. He has an eye that spots beautiful and poignant in the everyday and seemingly ordinary.

Matt arrives at Nice Shirt with a commercial reel containing  many famous brands, including Google, Volkswagen, Strongbow, Toyota, Smart Car, Axe, Red Bull, Camelot, Save The Children, Nikon and The Guardian.

His short film Landline  – relating the real stories told to a help line set up to support gay farmers – deservedly won the 2018 Grierson Award for Best Documentary Short and a VIMEO Best of The Year 2019 Nomination. Landline was selected as part of the British Council/BFI’s #FiveFilms4Freedom campaign where it was watched over 450,000 times in 12 days, also won the HBO Short Documentary Award.

Welcome to Nice Shirt,
Louis Hollis


12 February 2020

We at Nice Shirt are very pleased to announce the arrival of Louis Hollis to our directors’ roster.

Richard Martin NSF EP and MD says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as gripped by a new director’s reel as I was by Louis’s. His documentary instincts are superb – he can smell a story a mile away and knows exactly how to keep out of the way just enough to let it unfold. His career trajectory since graduating has been meteoric – he’s already shot for us on five different continents and looks set to book a major feature length documentary that is going to be sensational.”

Such is Louis commitment to documentary making (even at family events) is that his mum calls him ‘The invisible man’. For an observational filmmaker that’s actually a pretty good compliment. We think…..

Louis comes to Nice Shirt with commercial work for Land Rover, Tesla, a BBC 3 commissioned documentary and has just returned from a 6 week, 5 continent, worldwide shoot for a project documenting the global fight against HIV.

Louis is also an accredited press ITV and BBC cameraman and seems to spend a lot of time in places that involve him trying not get shot at.

When we asked Louis what his aims are, he said; “god only knows what’s going to happen to this planet in my lifetime, but I think my underlying instinct is to want to be out there seeing it with a camera in my hands”. Our kind of human.

MSC by Stuart Douglas


23 January 2020

Stuart Douglas latest film for MSC cruise ships is a thing of tranquil beauty. The film blows away the old-fashioned image of cruises for ever. As usual Stuart elevates the seemingly ordinary into another realm of poetic beauty, evoking emotion and delighting the viewer (and the client too).

NHS “Pass It On”
by Jesper Ericstam


20 December 2019

We’ve all got to go sometime, and when we do, why not pass on the good bits that remain?

Everyday someone dies in need of an organ transplant.  So, from next spring the law around organ donations in England is changing – to enable more people to pass on their organs, to save more lives. This means that unless people choose to opt out (or are in an excluded group), they will be considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die.

Nice Shirt director Jesper Ericstam worked with Pablo London to develop the idea, and generously agreed to offer his services for free, as did all the key crew, in order to make the most of the available budget. We were overwhelmed by the readiness of people to help us to help the NHS. The result is this lovely, dreamy, sad but ultimately uplifting film.

H&M “Happy Christmas”
by Max Vitali


3 December 2019

Warm and fuzzy – that’s us at Nice Shirt in a nutshell – a walnut, a hazelnut or Brazil nutshell,  as it’s Christmas.

And if you don’t get the warm and fuzzies from the latest H&M Christmas campaign then you’re a frozen turkey. 

Anyway, we are very happy to have humbly service-produced this fine campaign directed by our good friend Max Vitali. A mammoth production over 6 hectic days and nights featuring a cast from every walk of London life. 

In true Max style the films push the stylistic boundaries and benefit from having a client willing to fully embrace the wonderful diversity of real modern Britain – a land that, in our humble opinion, feels a tad less fake-snowy-Val-Donican-jumpered-medieval-cum-Dickensian-hodge-podge than that inhabited by some other stores…

It also includes what must be the most untrumpeted and understated appearance by a Premiership Footballer in all advertising. But a Sterling performance, none-the-less.

Harvey Eaton Joins Nice Shirt


17 October 2019

We at Nice Shirt are very pleased to announce the arrival of Harvey Eaton to our directors’ roster.

Harvey comes from an editing background and recently made the move into directing. He already comes with an impressive folio of work for one so young. His work includes a full 5 film campaign for French supermarket giant Carrefour, and spots for Icelandair and Sky Bet. He has just finished a brilliant and entertaining short documentary called ‘Bet on Yourself’ about John Reeve, a charming, roguish adventurer and bon-vivant.

Click below to see Harvey’s reel.

The Light At The Start Of Everything

by Kim Geldenhuys


24 April 2019

The Okavango Blue Diamond is a once in a lifetime find that rivals the famous Hope Diamond. It’s the largest blue diamond ever found in Botswana at 20.46 carats of almost flawless clarity. Blue diamonds are amongst the rarest found in nature. So, its befitting that the film to accompany this exceptional and extraordinary gem is emotive and epic in its scale.

Kim Geldenhuys stunning and evocative film is a powerful sensory journey through themes of the cosmos, natural forces, planetary elements and humanity at its most fundamental. The words were written in collaboration with celebrated South African poet Iain S. Thomas.

The film features the landscape of Botswana and its people. The diamond actually belongs to the people of Botswana. The Okavango Diamond Company is a government owned entity and the proceeds of the sale of the diamond will go directly to the funding of hospitals, schools and conservation in Botswana.

Kim Geldenhuys Joins Nice Shirt


14 March 2019

 We at NSF are very pleased to announce that highly regarded director Kim Geldenhuys is joining our UK roster.

Industry bible Shots listed him amongst the “Top 100 Creative Minds” in the world and he’s also included in Ad Age’s Global list of the top 100 directors, as well as regularly being listed in the Gunn Report’s top 20 most awarded directors.

The sheer class and authenticity of his wonderfully varied body of work has led to him being consistently featured at award shows around the world, winning awards at Cannes, Clios, One Show and many more.

His film for Topsy – Selinah won Gold at Cannes, as well as South Africa’s first Grand LIA at the London International Advertising Awards, and numerous other international awards. His work covers brand such as Audi, Cadburys, Molson, KFC, BMW, KFC, and Prudential.

Serendipity brought Kim & Nice Shirt together, when they collaborated on a Globalcom job featuring world heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua in late 2018.

Nice Shirt MD Richard Martin: “Getting together with Kim for the Glo job was a rare & wonderful piece of serendipity – a timely introduction from a great mutual friend. The job was a special one – very hard for lots of reasons, but infused with positive energy – no small part of it radiated by the mighty Anthony Joshua himself. I absolutely love Kim’s work – it’s wonderfully varied, superbly subtle and always soulful. I have the same little tingle – the feeling of being a good fit – as when I first saw, many moons ago, Stuart Douglas and Jesper Ericstam’s work.”

Kim is a true gent, modest and engaging, but, also a truly innovative thinker who likes to keep moving and is disinclined to repeat himself and disinclined to repeat himself.