Nivea by Tobias Perse


4 July 2018

“I really like you, as a friend” – is there a more seemingly gentle but absolutely crushing line?  Well, yes there is, and watch these two wonderful little films from Nice Shirt director Tobias Perse and find out what they are.

These films for Nivea amply display Tobias’s ability to take a straight forward script and take it to the next level, mixing engaging, funny performances with a heightened and deliciously surreal take on things.


Xiaomi by Stuart Douglas


4 July 2018

Stuart Douglas’s latest for mobile phone giant Xiaomi, publicising the impressive AI assisted camera capabilities of the Mi 6X, features Chinese superstar , actor & rapper Kris Wu.

Featuring some truly spectacular vistas of Los Angeles and some philosophical musings on a subject of long close to Stuart’s heart: the nature of photography.

“Mothering” by Lucy Bridger


18 June 2018

Ridiculously excited and proud to share an image from Lucy‘s recently finished short film ‘Mothering’…

Mothering tells the story of a young girl Mia, arriving at her new foster home. When her first period arrives in the early hours, help comes in the form of her foster parent’s elderly mother, Pauline.

It’s hitting the festival circuit – so watch this space for information or where and how to see it soon.

Written & Directed by Lucy Bridger
Produced by Alisa Tapping
Cinematography by Nick Morris
Editor: Jack Williams

Toffifee “Imperfect” by Liz Murphy


12 April 2018

There is a tendency amongst parents to bemoan the pressures of family life, the chaos, the perpetual grinding tiredness, the lack of gratitude, lack of support, the financial pressures, the bloody dog, the anxiety, social one-upmanship, the school gate mafia, that perfect family up the road in the big house who manage to go skiing and somewhere hot every year with their kids who seem to win everything, questionable school mates, and ringworm. But the truth is family life can be a series of magic moments, plenty of giggles and warm loving memories. Liz manages to capture this side of family life in a delightful series of filmic vignettes, coaxing the most naturalistic performances out of her cast.

Why ruin a perfectly simple, indulgent and financially stable life and have kids? I ask from time to time, but, watching Liz’s film reminds me why. by Stuart Douglas


22 January 2018

We live in a beautiful country. Wet, but beautiful. If you know where to look there are a million hidden gems – unique, special places to get away from it all.

Stuart’s new film for take us on an inspirational road trip some of these gems – castles, lakeside villas, a gypsy caravan, a forest hideaway an even old RAF control tower – all beautifully shot in Stuart’s trademark photographic style.

Fujifilm Spec Film
“Keep Looking”
by Emilio Boutros


5 December 2017

We like making stuff at NSF and when one of our creative researchers and budding directors Emilio came to us saying he wanted to make a spec film for Fujifilm and “here’s the treatment” – we took one read and said, “ok do it”.

We already knew from his short films Emilio had the skills, so we made a few suggestions and gave him a budget and the rest was up to him and junior producer Jack Cain. All overseen by creative director Tareq and EP Richard Martin.

Emilio’s storytelling knowhow and wonderful eye for detail came to the fore and we think he has made a truly lovely and evocative film about street photography. Emilio’s brother Gabriel wrote and played the music for the film. Emilio also sourced an incredible VO taken from a Joel Meyerowitz photography masterclass.

Lucy Bridger Joins Nice Shirt


6 November 2017

We at Nice Shirt towers are very pleased to announce the arrival of Lucy Bridger.

A graduate of the University of Creative arts Lucy started making films during her studies. She initially worked as a busy stills photographer but her heart laid with the moving image.

Whilst relatively new to the world of commercials Lucy has already made 2 standout short films and a series of ads for Dove and Nest. One particular film for Fairy liquid is not your ordinary commercial either, it looks at the gender divide when it comes to cleaning duties around the house. This is very typical of her work in that she looks for the human interest in a story and often the roles of gender. She is also intent on championing, in her work, the parts of our society without a voice.

Nespresso “Barista” by Stuart Douglas


22 September 2017

When Sir Simon Rattle was on Desert Island Discs, he said his luxury would be an Italian coffee maker, so that he could make himself a really good cappuccino in the morning. (Not sure where he planned on plugging it in or getting the milk, but that’s another story). Sir Simon, apparently, loves the combo of the strong espresso saying “wake up immediately!” , and the soothing milk saying “but you know, it’s all going to be alright”.

We know what he means, and Stuart Douglas’s film for Nespresso, which encourages us to release our inner barista, beautifully captures a little bit of that vibe. And, mercifully, not a Clooney in sight.