My Goodness,
Olly Goodrum joins Nice Shirt


9 September 2015

My Goodness, Olly Goodrum joins Nice Shirt

We at Nice Shirt are very pleased to welcome Olly Goodrum to our Commercials roster

Olly comes from a very successful short film and music video background. His stand out short film “This is Vanity” has been broadcast on Channel 4, shortlisted by BAFTA and highly acclaimed across the world. The self-penned drama has no less that 17 official selections at festivals, 10 nominations for best short and 3 wins. Not Bad!

Olly’s music video for Casual Sunshine’s Consequences of the Kill has been nominated for and won several awards. It’s a dramatic story of a suburban community battling for survival, a skillfully woven narrative with strong poetic visuals.

Olly already has two very accomplished charity commercials on his reel for Samaritans & Macmillan. He’s keen to build on these and take his commercials career into the next phase at Nice Shirt.

Nice Shirt is continuing its 10-year history of scouting for and developing new talent fresh to the London, UK and Word-wide commercials market.

Olly’s impressive knowledge of cinema is reflected in his lovingly curated collection of classic film gifs, available for inspection by appointment only.

JJ Keith

Successful · Laundrapp


JJ Keith

Successful · Laundrapp

Here at Nice Shirt, we know a thing or two about shirts. It’s a little known/completely made-up fact that the company dress code stipulates button-downs must be worn at all times. Simply put, never underestimate the importance of a freshly-laundered shirt.

JJ’s latest wheeze plays on this to a hilarious level. Launderapp’s clever service delivering all your laundry direct to your door pays off for our cheeky chappy whose crisp white shirt gets him into all manner of situations. The fact that he has no idea what to do in those situations is merely a minor detail.

It’s an ingenious ad for an ingenious app that fully deserves its five-star rating on David Reviews. The spot recalls The Wolf of Wall Street‘s off-the-wall absurdity, matched with JJ’s flair for delivering delicious irreverence. The fact that our Launderapp man is completely bottomless throughout his exploits only adds to the fun.

Hell of a Racket
Stuart Douglas' brand-new short doc trailer on icon, Rolling Stone and artist, Ronnie Wood


29 May 2015

“…the line, the art, the brushstrokes… they’ve always been a higher power for me”

The Rolling Stones guitarist and rock icon opens up on his extraordinary life and his compelling passion for art in the trailer for a new candid and confessional documentary short that centres around the rockstar as a visual artist.

Ronnie’s sketches, portraits and sculptures show a little-known side of the legendary musician, a large body of work that also charts a remarkable journey of a career in music that has lasted for over 50 years.

Stuart films Ronnie in his Barcelona studio, where we see him creating work that gives the reformed wild man of rock a different kind “buzz” – a symbolic statement from a life that has seen its fair share of excess.

This new trailer is a tantalising glimpse of the full length film that sees Ronnie in a frank and contemplative mood. The relationship between the artist and their work is one that has fascinated people for centuries. Each painting or sculpture described as an “old friend” by Ronnie – they’re pieces of art that contain a small part of their original creator. This small look into Ronnie’s life goes some way to shedding light on the significance of his life’s work, both musically and artistically.

TeLunsu A Better You by Stuart Douglas


29 May 2015

Three lives, on three startling ten year journeys, told in one touching new film from Stuart Douglas.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Chinese milk brand TeLunsu have looked to the passing of their own initial decade to inspire the next ten years. In a message that hints at China’s own breathtaking transformation, a better future begins with a better present. Their premium organic milk served as a basis for each of the three main characters’ journeys and inspires them for the next decade, whatever may happen.

It’s a sophisticated message, effectively told, in Stuart’s own inimitable manner.

Liz Murphy

Camping Weekend · Activia


Liz Murphy

Camping Weekend · Activia

Liz’s latest is a joyful slice of authentic family life, chock-full of spot-on family holiday references… are we there yet??

The spot works on the basis that you can leave it to Activia’s fiendishly healthy desserts to make you feel good on the inside, so you can enjoy on feeling good on the outside. And so it proves with our Mum as she spreads the goodness across a delightful family trip to the countryside. She’s determined to make year’s camping trip the *best ever* camping trip, come rain and/or shine, arguments and/or boredom, complete with teepees, bunting, sing-songs and more.

Liz brings her beautiful photographic sensibility to the film, imbuing the film with a deft touch of believability – typically Liz, but not something we’ve come to expect from previous spots in this sector.

Tareq follows a group of Little Legends
on a Cup Final day they’ll never forget


18 March 2015

The 2015 Capital One Cup Final was made all the more special for a merry band of competition winners, who joined the London Youth Choir to become the final’s official Little Legends, where they were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take over Wembley and help put on an amazing show.

Each Little Legend had an important part to play at the final. Such daunting tasks obviously requires a pre-match pep talk — in this case given by Kaiser Chief’s frontman Ricky Wilson. The film shows Ricky’s surprise introduction to the Legends at Wembley before the big game.

A few words of wisdom are given by The Voice’s most charming judge and then our Legends are off and away: we’re fully immersed into their special day with Tareq’s gently observational film giving us an exhilarating look at all the different amazing roles the Legends had at of football’s biggest occasions — from flag-barers to kit-hangers, spot-kickers to journalists, all done in front of 90,000 fans.


The film demonstrates Tareq’s now well-established documentary filming talent, always perfectly capturing ‘The Moment’ in any environment. Seeing the London Youth Choir give us a stirring rendition of the national anthem is a highlight, with the joy written across the faces of all the Little Legends as they do their dream job particularly heart-warming. We’re gently guided through the Little Legends’ momentous day with a deft narrative touch that is a real pleasure to watch.

Carsick Cars
Stuart’s hazy, trippy, sunny music video for Man Made


17 March 2015

Stuart Douglas and Man Made have teamed-up for a visual treat to accompany the Manchester three-piece’s new track “Carsick Cars”. Man Made features Nile Marr, son of legendary guitar hero Johnny Marr of The Smiths, on guitar and vocals.

The track’s fuzzy, jangly guitars and dreamy lyrics are given the perfect visual treatment. Busy urban hangout scenes are layered with carefree, sun-baked So-Cal beach and desert locales, giving us a carefree double-exposure portrait of some kind of hazy lo-fi adventure.

‘The video was a fun project I shot whenever I could whilst working on a bunch of other projects’ said Stuart. ‘Nile and the guys wanted a kind of loose, travelogue feel. We shot all over — Hamburg, Cape Town, in London as well as LA and the high California desert. Dave at The Quarry has done a fantastic job cutting together all the abstract material — the trippy patterns kaleidoscoping into one another put you on a visual high’


Spend some quality family time with Liz’s latest for Toffifee


10 February 2015

Dad and the kids are getting arty and crafty at the kitchen table. Mum is being helped-but-not-really-helped with putting new sheets on the bed. The kids are making sure every last bubble is popped on the bubble wrap… Liz’s film revels in these simple, cosy family moments, whilst also reminding us to put down our phones and enjoy time spent together as a family (with all its messes, giggles, shouts and fun). Even the dog gets some love. Top the whole thing off with some delicious chocolate treats and you’ve got the perfect day.

Our time spent with the Toffifee family is beautifully observational as we get right in amongst their day spent together. Paint is spilled and pans boil over in this perfect portrait of family life, directed with a tone and subtlety we’ve come to expect from Liz. Plus we see certain members of our family engaging in a spot of balloon football wearing scuba diving flippers, so you’ve really got no reason not to watch.