Gillette “The Meet Up” by Kai Schonrath


14 June 2017

We all love mob movies and how many of us have wanted to have that hard man reputation and stood in front of the mirror rehearsing wise-guy lines to an imaginary foe, and starting slicking back our hair, wearing more black clothes, sticking a toothpick between our lips, affected a Brooklyn accent in Pret a Manger and………oh so just me then ah – awkward.

Well we can all enjoy our mob fantasies with Kai Schonrath’s second film for Gillette. The Gillette mobsters are up to their usual shenanigans. This time gathering for a critical a handover in a remote pigeon shit encrusted warehouse. The tension is palpable as is the smell of guano and cheap aftershave. Kai’s cinematic filmmaking skills are to the fore as he ratchets up the face-off between the two opposing gangs of mobsters. The casting is impeccable and the denouement typical of Kai’s ability to turn a situation on its head and engage the audience brilliantly.

F’geddabout it you mooks.

by Olly Goodrum


25 May 2017

Olly Goodrum’s latest film is for the RNLI – an awareness campaign that in the most visceral and intense way tells us how to survive falling into dangerously cold water. Olly’s film does not shy away from the reality and is both shocking and instructive.

This film is also the result of some serious production planning, courtesy of Olly’s producer brother Luke. A stellar team, was assembled, of underwater camera operators, stunt directors and a brave cast. All of whom were plunged into the D Stage water tank at Warner Brothers Studios.

Allegro “What are you looking for?”
by Jesper Ericstam


2 December 2016

One of our other directors watched this commercial – yes it’s a commercial – by a rival director and in a very small voice said – “that is almost perfect – I actually had an emotion, I must go now”. He hasn’t been seen for a few days, but we are pretty sure he’ll turn up at Shoreditch House at some point.

What more can we say – Jesper does it again and elevates an ad for online retailer Allegro into a wonderful piece of storytelling.

We’re a bit biased, but surely this is a contender for the best Christmas ad this year?

Tobias Perse
Joins Nice Shirt


27 October 2016

Nice Shirt Films are very pleased to announce the arrival of Tobias Perse, director.

Who the hell is Tobias Perse? You may reasonably ask.

He’s man of letters, who dived into to directing commercials after a career in publishing – he worked at Rolling Stone magazine, once editing the late great Hunter S Thompson, which he survived with only minor contusions and a hefty therapist bill.

We urge you to read his biography & watch his work – both are extremely entertaining.

He’s made award–winning documentaries & some very original, insightful & funny films.

One Call “Try Buy” by Jesper Ericstam


17 October 2016

Jesper Ericstam’s latest campaign for Norwegian mobile network One Call, features three discerning sets of consumers road testing beds, pets and men with moustaches.

Filled with Jesper’s trademark obsessive attention to detail and wonderfully dead-pan humour, these films are real winners (if only of Jesper’s imaginary award, the fabled Golden Beaver).

We in the office think that the try before you buy idea has legs & ought to be the norm, although local research at The Shaston Arms seem to indicate that the bar staff think otherwise.



20 September 2016

It’s a known cliche but in the busiest places we can often feel the most isolated of all. It’s easy to go unnoticed, and when you fall sometimes those too busy running don’t always notice to pick you up.

In Tareq’s new short Spaced, we are plunged into the muffled world of our protagonist, surrounded by a thick cotton wool of sadness. Disassociated and distant, we watch as he attempts to navigate normal life when it feels exactly the opposite.

See the trailer below:

Aldi by Stuart Douglas


13 July 2016

Stuart Douglas’s latest film for Aldi celebrates some very good vibes in the run up to Team GB’s Rio 2016 campaign.

The film provides a feel-good factor for our somewhat beleaguered country, reminding us that we produce some truly great sportsmen and women – if not international football teams. We also produce some wonderful fruit & veg (and chickens), grown in our beautiful countryside by noble British Farmers – all alas soon to be impoverished due to the lack of EU subsidies.

Stuart’s sumptuous photography, combined with his keen eye for making the ordinary seem extraordinary and topped off with a little bit of Aldi’s trademark tongue in cheek humour, makes the film (like hopefully some of the athletes) a winner.

Anyway – there is a real sense of community and diversity, backed by Elgar’s Nimrod, and you’d have to have a heart made of stone not to be left a little bit moved by this film.