El Lienzo- When the Ring Falls Silent
By Olly Goodrum


18 May 2016

A story of Mexican Rodeo

Olly Goodrum flies to Mexico and makes a film – not that unremarkable you might think but 10 days spent with the travelling circus that is Mexico’s Rodeo scene makes a story as interesting as the film itself.

Deep in Mexican cowboy country the Rodeo is not for tourists or the faint of heart, forget what you might have seen further north in the US. Mexican Rodeo takes on a colour and spectacle that is unique to this amazing country. Charrería, not soccer, is Mexico’s National sport. Music, colour, noise, hero-worship, children and old men (and everyone in between!) are part of the pageant. Health and safety are out of the window and limbs and lives are on the line.

Olly’s mission starts with a collaboration with a stills photographer and develops into him making his own film. Six months approaching the right people for access – no easy task as the scene is not comfortable with outsiders as it is generally very harshly judged by its US equivalent and the West in general.

True to Olly’s personality as soon as the access is given he hops on a plane armed with a camera and sound recorder. He follows the riders themselves and becomes part of their camp – he is given unparalleled access to the preparation and shows.
We think Olly has made an incredibly beautiful film that provokes and beguiles in equal measure, judge for yourself, but we think you will have not seen anything like it before.

It All Started So Well
By Liz Murphy


10 May 2016

Is You Tube the repository of all human endeavor? Is it true if it’s not on You Tube it never happened? These are philosophical questions, but meanwhile Liz Murphy’s latest collaboration with BBH puts a very clever spin on the well-worn concept of You Tube video as ad, by constructing a backstory to a well known clip, taking us back to the optimistic breakfast hours of the fateful day in question.

“ It all started so well”

The breakfast scenes are all shot with Liz’s trademark effortless, beautiful realism, and evoke a fabulous sense of delicious museli-fuelled optimism from under which the rug is swiftly pulled by the famous clip.

We in the office chuckle every time we see them, but then again we are a pretty sadistic bunch.

Cricket fans will note the excellent forward defensive spoon-work or our hero, preceding what is widely regarded as the most inept batting performance in the history of the sport (Nice Shirt management excluded).

Bringing Summer Home
by JJ Keith


27 April 2016

We all know that the great British Summer consists of two fine days and thunderstorm, but JJ Keith’s latest creation has us reveling in the irrational hope & expectation of the summer ahead. It’s that time of year when our minds turn to the cooking of meat outdoors. It’s time for the return of the BBQs.

JJ’s tongue in cheek epic sees the summer becoming complete with the return migration of our beloved BBQ. Big, small, disposable, square and cute little shy ones flock in to roost, much to the delight of their owners after a long, cold, lonely winter.

Shot over four days in Switzerland and Cape Town, JJ displays his ability wring emotion and humour from a bizarre situation. His skills of marshaling post production and live action also came to the fore as the BBQ’s are a mixture of mechanical puppeteering and CGI.

It leaves us yearning to hug our families, overcook meat products, and enjoy the long summer days ahead.

Why Wickes?
by Stuart Douglas


14 March 2016

Stuart’s heartwarming new Wickes spot sees three generations coming together for a DIY project; over a series of frosty English mornings, we see the Hampson family set to work on an impressive treehouse. Full of feel good loveliness and pencils behind ears, the spot encourages us all to amend our surroundings for the ones we love, guided by those helpful folks at Wickes. As ever, Stuart’s got his eyes firmly on the details, right down to those invigorating cups of tea, inspiring us all to tackle that much postponed project from three years ago.

Borkur ‘Trapped’


25 February 2016

Its -23 degrees Celsius and Borkur is knee deep in a snow drift looking at a dead body. A team is around him hanging on his every word and waiting for commands. This is a serious situation and its only the very start of something much bigger.

Borkur is in a helicopter looking down at the almost surreal landscape of Iceland, he’s looking for clues and hints as to how all this begins. Borkur is at the beginning of a 6-month shoot for the hit Icelandic TV crime drama ‘Trapped’. Over the harsh Icelandic winter he will be filming 2 episodes in conditions that would make Bear Grylls turn around and go home.

Trapped garners critical acclaim both in Iceland and the UK – notably a great write up in The Guardian. It’s airing on BBC4 and is fast becoming a must see for fans of intelligent dark drama.

Borkur also creates and films the arresting title sequence for the series. It’s mesmerizing textures of the Icelandic landscape are a fitting opener for the visceral story that unfolds.


Liz Murphy ‘Moments Big and Small’ Scottish Power


11 January 2016

Nice Shirt are pleased to share the latest commercial project directed by Liz


The film shows a day, in a year of a life, of mum, dad, three kids and a dog.

This intimate family portrait is made with Liz’s trademark combination of

sublimely beautiful photography, touching reality and a story simply but totally

engagingly told. Moments of wonderful chaos, innocent fun, family love and

beguiling calm are all shown intertwined with the family’s day to day life of

meals cooked, clothes ironed, showers taken, and carpets hoovered.

Liz, when asked about how she created such a natural tone to the film said:

“A lot of the scenes were improvised, with the cast, around different ways they

use energy around the home. They all got on so well and had fun mucking about

together so the energy felt like a family having fun from the outset.

The film was shot on 35mm by the very talented Justin Brown. Post production

by Jon Hollis on Flame and graded by Vic Parker both at Raised By Wolves.


Welcome to Nice Shirt, Richard Jung


30 November 2015

A warm roast dinner welcome to our new resident foodie Richard Jung! Richard joins us with an already impressive catalogue documenting all things delicious. Richard was born with that wondrous ability to create syneasthetic sensations, just watch his spots and tell us if you can’t taste those strawberries.

Welcome to Nice Shirt, Gerald McMorrow


10 November 2015

We are very excited to welcome Gerald McMorrow to our Commercial Directors roster.

Gerald hardly needs any introduction as he is firmly established in the London and European commercials market.

With hugely successful campaigns for Jaguar, Panasonic, AOL, Lloyds, Seat, UEFA, Camelot and Alton Towers already benefitting from his directorial skills he is looking forward to this new chapter in his career.

His commercial work has picked up awards from the Creative Circle, The Green Award and The British Television Advertising Awards.

Gerald is also an established feature film director with the noir fantasy thriller ‘Franklyn’ starring Ryan Phillipe, Eva Green, Bernard Hill and Sam Riley, which gained critical and commercial success.