Bayer by Harvey Eaton


25 March 2021

Working with kids and animals can be a bit of pain, as Harvey Eaton demonstrates in this quick fire look at some of the niggles of modern life.

by Kai Schonrath


18 February 2021

Unionen “What Shall I Do?”
by Jesper Ericstam


12 February 2021

Jesper Ericstam’s latest, for Sweden’s biggest union, dramatises some of the challenges and annoyances of working life, reminding us what joys await us if/when we ever go back to the office. 

H&M “Koffee”
by Max Vitali


16 December 2020

Max Vitali and Grammy award-winning Jamaican rap artist Koffee team up to bring us a most engaging end of year film from H&M. Koffee’s poem and Max’s film combine in a sincere and humble wish that the future will better than this shit-show of a year…

Farewell to endless days in sweats
The unmade bed, the unwashed hair
Hello encounters anywhere
Hello to life without regrets

Instil the urgency to mend
The planet and what else is wrecked
Let things we wasted resurrect
Here’s to forever, not the end

Bring on the night, bring everyone
Come rays of light across the sky
The year is fading, say goodbye
The future world has just begun

by Emilio Gamal Boutros


15 December 2020

Nice Shirt are very proud to unveil Emilio’s latest work.

Dino is an intimate portrait of a young man with severe visuospatial dyspraxia.

This moving and sensitive film allows Dino to explain his condition, tell the story of his life so far, and explain his hopes and his fears. Beautifully shot in Dino’s hometown of Bordeaux, Emilio demonstrates his ability to tell a difficult story life with great tenderness and unflinching honesty.

The film is made especially poignant by the fact that Dino and Emilio are brothers.

T-Mobile “Stepdad”
by Jesper Ericstam


11 December 2020

Dunelm “Christmas Nap”
by Jesper Ericstam


7 December 2020

Jesper Ericstam’s latest for Dunelm conjures a festive atmosphere that most of us will relate to, and features a very contented grandad who eloquently passes comment on the year gone by.

Farewell 2020, and a happy Christmas to you all.


6 November 2020

It is with a very heavy heart we at Nice Shirt must share the news of the death of one of our own. Caylee Hankins died last week after a 9-month battle with cancer – it wasn’t supposed to be this way. We all planned for her to make a full recovery and get back to riding motorbikes all over the world, taking the most beautiful pictures and making insightful heart-warming films. But, alas, this was not to be.

We first met Caylee at a motorbike flat track race. She was racing and taking brilliant photographs (in between winning her heats and getting into the final). Immediately we knew she was our kind of human and asked her to be in our gang – we are so glad she agreed.

Caylee was the most wonderful of humans, a lightning bolt of energy and fun who made everyone she met smile and want to be her friend. And there are many, many friends around world mourning her passing. Not least the children and adults of 5 villages in Gambia where she made 3 annual trips documenting the work of her favourite charity Run The Bases. They are planning a celebration of her life where the 5 villages will come together (a rare event in itself), that’s the kind of impact Caylee had on the people she met.

Our thoughts and love are with her and her family, they have lost a part of themselves.

And there, words start to fail us, we are in shock and deeply, deeply sad. We will each remember Caylee in our own ways but to all of us, she will forever be young, she will always be beautiful, and she will always be the woman with an intrepid, lionhearted spirit. Caylee Hankins. Forever 31.

(With thanks to Leonie Watkins)