Carsick Cars
Stuart’s hazy, trippy, sunny music video for Man Made

17 March 2015

Stuart Douglas and Man Made have teamed-up for a visual treat to accompany the Manchester three-piece’s new track “Carsick Cars”. Man Made features Nile Marr, son of legendary guitar hero Johnny Marr of The Smiths, on guitar and vocals.

The track’s fuzzy, jangly guitars and dreamy lyrics are given the perfect visual treatment. Busy urban hangout scenes are layered with carefree, sun-baked So-Cal beach and desert locales, giving us a carefree double-exposure portrait of some kind of hazy lo-fi adventure.

‘The video was a fun project I shot whenever I could whilst working on a bunch of other projects’ said Stuart. ‘Nile and the guys wanted a kind of loose, travelogue feel. We shot all over — Hamburg, Cape Town, in London as well as LA and the high California desert. Dave at The Quarry has done a fantastic job cutting together all the abstract material — the trippy patterns kaleidoscoping into one another put you on a visual high’