Hell of a Racket
Stuart Douglas' brand-new short doc trailer on icon, Rolling Stone and artist, Ronnie Wood

29 May 2015

“…the line, the art, the brushstrokes… they’ve always been a higher power for me”

The Rolling Stones guitarist and rock icon opens up on his extraordinary life and his compelling passion for art in the trailer for a new candid and confessional documentary short that centres around the rockstar as a visual artist.

Ronnie’s sketches, portraits and sculptures show a little-known side of the legendary musician, a large body of work that also charts a remarkable journey of a career in music that has lasted for over 50 years.

Stuart films Ronnie in his Barcelona studio, where we see him creating work that gives the reformed wild man of rock a different kind “buzz” – a symbolic statement from a life that has seen its fair share of excess.

This new trailer is a tantalising glimpse of the full length film that sees Ronnie in a frank and contemplative mood. The relationship between the artist and their work is one that has fascinated people for centuries. Each painting or sculpture described as an “old friend” by Ronnie – they’re pieces of art that contain a small part of their original creator. This small look into Ronnie’s life goes some way to shedding light on the significance of his life’s work, both musically and artistically.