Aldi by Stuart Douglas

13 July 2016

Stuart Douglas’s latest film for Aldi celebrates some very good vibes in the run up to Team GB’s Rio 2016 campaign.

The film provides a feel-good factor for our somewhat beleaguered country, reminding us that we produce some truly great sportsmen and women – if not international football teams. We also produce some wonderful fruit & veg (and chickens), grown in our beautiful countryside by noble British Farmers – all alas soon to be impoverished due to the lack of EU subsidies.

Stuart’s sumptuous photography, combined with his keen eye for making the ordinary seem extraordinary and topped off with a little bit of Aldi’s trademark tongue in cheek humour, makes the film (like hopefully some of the athletes) a winner.

Anyway – there is a real sense of community and diversity, backed by Elgar’s Nimrod, and you’d have to have a heart made of stone not to be left a little bit moved by this film.