Blue Lagoon Beauty Comes From Within
by Borkur

26 September 2014

In case you didn’t know, The Blue Lagoon is the world-famous volcanic spa situated in deepest Iceland and is the country’s most popular visitor attraction. Its geothermal pools lets you soak in waters warmed and enriched by the Earth’s core. Their eponymous skincare collection extends the benefits of the naturally-heated spa to the home, with a range of products the perfect coalescence of science and beauty.

Borkur’s stunning film directed in partnership with Daniel Atlason and created by Dodlur, runs to a similar theme, showing the close-up, geological side of the spa’s skincare collection.The body of the spot is science in action: magma bubbles and oozes, lava explodes and cracks into dust, while water steams, bubbles and fizzes, all shot in spectacular close-up, giving us almost magical, otherworldly imagery accompanied by a haunting soundtrack.

The climax of the film follows our female bather from the spa to home, via Blue Lagoon’s laboratory where we glimpse at work done for the range’s production. Borkur enhances his varied repertoire with a film that demonstrates his abilities as an increasingly versatile director.