Borkur ‘Trapped’

25 February 2016

Its -23 degrees Celsius and Borkur is knee deep in a snow drift looking at a dead body. A team is around him hanging on his every word and waiting for commands. This is a serious situation and its only the very start of something much bigger.

Borkur is in a helicopter looking down at the almost surreal landscape of Iceland, he’s looking for clues and hints as to how all this begins. Borkur is at the beginning of a 6-month shoot for the hit Icelandic TV crime drama ‘Trapped’. Over the harsh Icelandic winter he will be filming 2 episodes in conditions that would make Bear Grylls turn around and go home.

Trapped garners critical acclaim both in Iceland and the UK – notably a great write up in The Guardian. It’s airing on BBC4 and is fast becoming a must see for fans of intelligent dark drama.

Borkur also creates and films the arresting title sequence for the series. It’s mesmerizing textures of the Icelandic landscape are a fitting opener for the visceral story that unfolds.