Bringing Summer Home
by JJ Keith

27 April 2016

We all know that the great British Summer consists of two fine days and thunderstorm, but JJ Keith’s latest creation has us reveling in the irrational hope & expectation of the summer ahead. It’s that time of year when our minds turn to the cooking of meat outdoors. It’s time for the return of the BBQs.

JJ’s tongue in cheek epic sees the summer becoming complete with the return migration of our beloved BBQ. Big, small, disposable, square and cute little shy ones flock in to roost, much to the delight of their owners after a long, cold, lonely winter.

Shot over four days in Switzerland and Cape Town, JJ displays his ability wring emotion and humour from a bizarre situation. His skills of marshaling post production and live action also came to the fore as the BBQ’s are a mixture of mechanical puppeteering and CGI.

It leaves us yearning to hug our families, overcook meat products, and enjoy the long summer days ahead.