El Lienzo- When the Ring Falls Silent
By Olly Goodrum

18 May 2016

A story of Mexican Rodeo

Olly Goodrum flies to Mexico and makes a film – not that unremarkable you might think but 10 days spent with the travelling circus that is Mexico’s Rodeo scene makes a story as interesting as the film itself.

Deep in Mexican cowboy country the Rodeo is not for tourists or the faint of heart, forget what you might have seen further north in the US. Mexican Rodeo takes on a colour and spectacle that is unique to this amazing country. Charrería, not soccer, is Mexico’s National sport. Music, colour, noise, hero-worship, children and old men (and everyone in between!) are part of the pageant. Health and safety are out of the window and limbs and lives are on the line.

Olly’s mission starts with a collaboration with a stills photographer and develops into him making his own film. Six months approaching the right people for access – no easy task as the scene is not comfortable with outsiders as it is generally very harshly judged by its US equivalent and the West in general.

True to Olly’s personality as soon as the access is given he hops on a plane armed with a camera and sound recorder. He follows the riders themselves and becomes part of their camp – he is given unparalleled access to the preparation and shows.
We think Olly has made an incredibly beautiful film that provokes and beguiles in equal measure, judge for yourself, but we think you will have not seen anything like it before.