Fujifilm Spec Film
“Keep Looking”
by Emilio Boutros

5 December 2017

We like making stuff at NSF and when one of our creative researchers and budding directors Emilio came to us saying he wanted to make a spec film for Fujifilm and “here’s the treatment” – we took one read and said, “ok do it”.

We already knew from his short films Emilio had the skills, so we made a few suggestions and gave him a budget and the rest was up to him and junior producer Jack Cain. All overseen by creative director Tareq and EP Richard Martin.

Emilio’s storytelling knowhow and wonderful eye for detail came to the fore and we think he has made a truly lovely and evocative film about street photography. Emilio’s brother Gabriel wrote and played the music for the film. Emilio also sourced an incredible VO taken from a Joel Meyerowitz photography masterclass.