Gillette “The Meet Up” by Kai Schonrath

14 June 2017

We all love mob movies and how many of us have wanted to have that hard man reputation and stood in front of the mirror rehearsing wise-guy lines to an imaginary foe, and starting slicking back our hair, wearing more black clothes, sticking a toothpick between our lips, affected a Brooklyn accent in Pret a Manger and………oh so just me then ah – awkward.

Well we can all enjoy our mob fantasies with Kai Schonrath’s second film for Gillette. The Gillette mobsters are up to their usual shenanigans. This time gathering for a critical a handover in a remote pigeon shit encrusted warehouse. The tension is palpable as is the smell of guano and cheap aftershave. Kai’s cinematic filmmaking skills are to the fore as he ratchets up the face-off between the two opposing gangs of mobsters. The casting is impeccable and the denouement typical of Kai’s ability to turn a situation on its head and engage the audience brilliantly.

F’geddabout it you mooks.