In the deepest, darkest, weirdest depths of Switzerland…

10 July 2014

JJ Keith’s latest film for the Swiss off-shoot of Andrex toilet tissue takes us to the deepest, darkest, weirdest depths of Switzerland for an encounter with a shining star in the world of toilet paper innovation, Dani Oberholzer. The clearly very passionate and not-at-all strange Mr Oberholzer has been tasked with wiping out the competition as the company’s new ‘Director of Communication and Innovation’ – yes, that’s him we see doing press-ups on the tour of the toilet paper factory.

JJ’s film centres on Mr Oberholzer’s latest concept to demonstrate Swiss precision, efficiency and brilliance through toilet paper: triangular-shaped packaging, inspired by the the country’s majestic Matterhorn mountain. Though beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint, his Toblerone-like design is actually quite useless – the confused factory worker’s humorous attempts at packing and shipping the boxes certainly shows this. Quite clearly Mr. Oberholzer needs help – specifically your help, with the campaign asking the public for ideas on how to bring Swiss toilet paper brilliance to the masses online.

JJ’s new film is a slice of Euro weirdness, that raises a titter with its subtle humour and well observed comedy.