H&M “Happy Christmas”
by Max Vitali

3 December 2019

Warm and fuzzy – that’s us at Nice Shirt in a nutshell – a walnut, a hazelnut or Brazil nutshell,  as it’s Christmas.

And if you don’t get the warm and fuzzies from the latest H&M Christmas campaign then you’re a frozen turkey. 

Anyway, we are very happy to have humbly service-produced this fine campaign directed by our good friend Max Vitali. A mammoth production over 6 hectic days and nights featuring a cast from every walk of London life. 

In true Max style the films push the stylistic boundaries and benefit from having a client willing to fully embrace the wonderful diversity of real modern Britain – a land that, in our humble opinion, feels a tad less fake-snowy-Val-Donican-jumpered-medieval-cum-Dickensian-hodge-podge than that inhabited by some other stores…

It also includes what must be the most untrumpeted and understated appearance by a Premiership Footballer in all advertising. But a Sterling performance, none-the-less.