HSBC “Life Cycle”
by Jesper Ericstam

10 July 2017

For some of us the bicycle has been a constant feature and friend throughout our lives, from the first giddy taste of freedom 2 wheels gave us to the trusty steed that we use to commute. Backies with our mates and hopefully that really cute girl/boy that we have been plucking up the courage to ask out for ages.

Being part of the summer gang that patrol the area on increasingly pimped up choppers, strength in numbers, to the lone adventures across grassy fields where the wind blew in our hair and we felt so alive.

Jespers Ericstam’s latest mini masterpiece for HSBC combines all these elements and so many more in a beautiful story of how the humble bicycle really is the way to travel. Emotions and memories are evoked in the way we have come to expect from Jesper’s gentle knowing and wonderfully poignant cinematic style.

See if you can spot at least a nod to one of the most iconic bicycle scenes ever made.