It All Started So Well
By Liz Murphy

10 May 2016

Is You Tube the repository of all human endeavor? Is it true if it’s not on You Tube it never happened? These are philosophical questions, but meanwhile Liz Murphy’s latest collaboration with BBH puts a very clever spin on the well-worn concept of You Tube video as ad, by constructing a backstory to a well known clip, taking us back to the optimistic breakfast hours of the fateful day in question.

“ It all started so well”

The breakfast scenes are all shot with Liz’s trademark effortless, beautiful realism, and evoke a fabulous sense of delicious museli-fuelled optimism from under which the rug is swiftly pulled by the famous clip.

We in the office chuckle every time we see them, but then again we are a pretty sadistic bunch.

Cricket fans will note the excellent forward defensive spoon-work or our hero, preceding what is widely regarded as the most inept batting performance in the history of the sport (Nice Shirt management excluded).