Liz Murphy ‘Moments Big and Small’ Scottish Power

11 January 2016

Nice Shirt are pleased to share the latest commercial project directed by Liz


The film shows a day, in a year of a life, of mum, dad, three kids and a dog.

This intimate family portrait is made with Liz’s trademark combination of

sublimely beautiful photography, touching reality and a story simply but totally

engagingly told. Moments of wonderful chaos, innocent fun, family love and

beguiling calm are all shown intertwined with the family’s day to day life of

meals cooked, clothes ironed, showers taken, and carpets hoovered.

Liz, when asked about how she created such a natural tone to the film said:

“A lot of the scenes were improvised, with the cast, around different ways they

use energy around the home. They all got on so well and had fun mucking about

together so the energy felt like a family having fun from the outset.

The film was shot on 35mm by the very talented Justin Brown. Post production

by Jon Hollis on Flame and graded by Vic Parker both at Raised By Wolves.