Shell by Stuart Douglas

17 September 2018

Stuart’s second film for Shell’s Partnership series is a fascinating insight into the world of professional basketball training – which is increasingly psychological as well as physical.

The film profiles Charlotte based Brandon Payne, who trains Stephen Curry – twice NBA MVP and regarded by many players and analysts as the greatest shooter in NBA history – which I guess makes him an NBA MVP GOAT.

It seems that it’s not enough to be tall, blisteringly fast, strong, accurate and fitter than a butcher’s dog – you also need to have superhuman spatial awareness, the reflexes of a praying mantis, the ability to multitask that would see most of us lie down and start weeping and a calm but unshakable motivation that is frankly beyond most mortals. Oh, and science, lots and lots of science, and then some more science.

Think you’re pretty good at shooting hoops – think again.