The Light At The Start Of Everything

by Kim Geldenhuys

24 April 2019

The Okavango Blue Diamond is a once in a lifetime find that rivals the famous Hope Diamond. It’s the largest blue diamond ever found in Botswana at 20.46 carats of almost flawless clarity. Blue diamonds are amongst the rarest found in nature. So, its befitting that the film to accompany this exceptional and extraordinary gem is emotive and epic in its scale.

Kim Geldenhuys stunning and evocative film is a powerful sensory journey through themes of the cosmos, natural forces, planetary elements and humanity at its most fundamental. The words were written in collaboration with celebrated South African poet Iain S. Thomas.

The film features the landscape of Botswana and its people. The diamond actually belongs to the people of Botswana. The Okavango Diamond Company is a government owned entity and the proceeds of the sale of the diamond will go directly to the funding of hospitals, schools and conservation in Botswana.