United We Dream by New Talent signing Emilio Gamal Boutros

12 November 2018

We are all, at Nice Shirt, absolutely thrilled that, Emilio Gamal Boutros has very deservedly won an ADCAN award hot on the heels of him joining the Nice Shirt New Talent roster.

ADCAN is an international competition which invites up and coming filmmakers to create and submit a completed commercial for a live charity brief.

The film, for US charity United We Dream, highlights the unfair treatment of many undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration.

It’s a hard-hitting concept, and fabulously well realised, especially given the production restrictions of having to cast and shoot in the UK. Emilio came up with the idea, wrote and directed the film in the space of month, ably produced by Jack Cain (another member of the Nice Shirt team).

Emilio is a graduate of the prestigious Arts University of Bournemouth, and has been making short films and music videos since leaving the college, as well as working as a researcher at Nice Shirt.

Richard Martin, Nice Shirt’s EP, says: “We have high-hopes for Emilio. Beneath his self-effacing exterior he is one of the brightest, most creative and hardest working people I’ve ever met. His directorial work already shows a distinctive style and I’m sure there is much more to come. The ADCAN award is evidence of a considerable talent.”