Welcome to Nice Shirt,
Louis Hollis

12 February 2020

We at Nice Shirt are very pleased to announce the arrival of Louis Hollis to our directors’ roster.

Richard Martin NSF EP and MD says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as gripped by a new director’s reel as I was by Louis’s. His documentary instincts are superb – he can smell a story a mile away and knows exactly how to keep out of the way just enough to let it unfold. His career trajectory since graduating has been meteoric – he’s already shot for us on five different continents and looks set to book a major feature length documentary that is going to be sensational.”

Such is Louis commitment to documentary making (even at family events) is that his mum calls him ‘The invisible man’. For an observational filmmaker that’s actually a pretty good compliment. We think…..

Louis comes to Nice Shirt with commercial work for Land Rover, Tesla, a BBC 3 commissioned documentary and has just returned from a 6 week, 5 continent, worldwide shoot for a project documenting the global fight against HIV.

Louis is also an accredited press ITV and BBC cameraman and seems to spend a lot of time in places that involve him trying not get shot at.

When we asked Louis what his aims are, he said; “god only knows what’s going to happen to this planet in my lifetime, but I think my underlying instinct is to want to be out there seeing it with a camera in my hands”. Our kind of human.