Wimbledon by Olly Goodrum

29 June 2016

So we as a nation are not doing too well at the moment so what better time than now to revel in what we do best and champion our traditions and heritage. Wimbledon is at least a shining light in these murky times – it’s a world leader in how to do things right and proper.

Olly Goodrum’s latest films for Wimbledon help us realise that there is still some goodness in the country and we still have some things to be proud of.

Directed, shot and edited by Olly himself, these beautifully observed films show us the often unsung heroes of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. We witness very personal and intimate portraits juxtaposed with images of the world famous tournament.

The Ballboy gives us the heartfelt emotion of a young man’s debut as one of Wimbledon most iconic elements.

The Groundsman tells of one of the most important people in the Wimbledon set-up and the nerves and passion involved in keeping that famous grass in top condition.

The List is an interesting story of the nitty-gritty details that the Wimbledon team have to consider and deal with in the continual pursuit of greatness.

We feel better already just watching these films – now – COME ON MURRAY! (Scotland’s finest……)