It’s our tenth anniversary! And we rewarded ourselves with a small gift: a new director signing!

15 October 2014

2004 saw the birth of ‘The Facebook’, a company that has gone on to do relatively okay for itself. But it also saw the birth of the mighty Nice Shirt Films, and like any ten year-old, we’re very keen to tell everyone how proud we are to have made it to double figures.

As a little gift for ourselves, we have signed a brand new fresh talent to our small but perfectly-formed roster: Kai Schonrath. An immensely skilled film-maker, Kai’s graduating spec film, the hilarious Flowers, announced his arrival, being shortlisted for the Young Director Award.

Subsequent films have clearly demonstrated the super talented young man’s skills. A HIS Jeans spot starring semi-naked former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Vitali Klitschko and his frankly bonkers Pocket Symphonies film that saw the physical rebirth of classic music in human form were well received internationally.

Kai’s approach of telling unique stories in highly personal ways is one we are all very excited about. Repped by Czar in Germany, he is with Nice Shirt in the UK and is a talent to watch out for.