Dunelm by Jesper Ericstam

12 October 2020

Jesper Ericstam’s latest film is the first in a new campaign for home furnishing store Dunelm. A bold and heart-warming change in direction for Dunelm sees a light-hearted depiction of everyday dramas based on real customers’ stories. What really goes on behind the front door!

Crafted with Jesper’s trademark quirky humour and relentless attention to detail, it’s bound to raise a smile of recognition for most of us  – whether it’s the “everything drawer” where you stuff the unopened mail along with all the other little bits of ‘stuff’ that don’t belong anywhere else,  the “relaxing” bath shared with the kids and anyone else who fancies popping in, or the herculean task of trying to get the bloody duvet cover on – we’ve all been there…