Max Vitali


16 December 2020

Max Vitali and Grammy award-winning Jamaican rap artist Koffee team up to bring us a most engaging end of year film from H&M. Koffee’s poem and Max’s film combine in a sincere and humble wish that the future will better than this shit-show of a year…

Farewell to endless days in sweats
The unmade bed, the unwashed hair
Hello encounters anywhere
Hello to life without regrets

Instil the urgency to mend
The planet and what else is wrecked
Let things we wasted resurrect
Here’s to forever, not the end

Bring on the night, bring everyone
Come rays of light across the sky
The year is fading, say goodbye
The future world has just begun


Jesper Ericstam


7 December 2020

Jesper Ericstam’s latest for Dunelm conjures a festive atmosphere that most of us will relate to, and features a very contented grandad who eloquently passes comment on the year gone by.

Farewell 2020, and a happy Christmas to you all.