6 November 2020

It is with a very heavy heart we at Nice Shirt must share the news of the death of one of our own. Caylee Hankins died last week after a 9-month battle with cancer – it wasn’t supposed to be this way. We all planned for her to make a full recovery and get back to riding motorbikes all over the world, taking the most beautiful pictures and making insightful heart-warming films. But, alas, this was not to be.

We first met Caylee at a motorbike flat track race. She was racing and taking brilliant photographs (in between winning her heats and getting into the final). Immediately we knew she was our kind of human and asked her to be in our gang – we are so glad she agreed.

Caylee was the most wonderful of humans, a lightning bolt of energy and fun who made everyone she met smile and want to be her friend. And there are many, many friends around world mourning her passing. Not least the children and adults of 5 villages in Gambia where she made 3 annual trips documenting the work of her favourite charity Run The Bases. They are planning a celebration of her life where the 5 villages will come together (a rare event in itself), that’s the kind of impact Caylee had on the people she met.

Our thoughts and love are with her and her family, they have lost a part of themselves.

And there, words start to fail us, we are in shock and deeply, deeply sad. We will each remember Caylee in our own ways but to all of us, she will forever be young, she will always be beautiful, and she will always be the woman with an intrepid, lionhearted spirit. Caylee Hankins. Forever 31.

(With thanks to Leonie Watkins)

Alex Simpson Arrives at Nice Shirt


14 October 2020

We at Nice Shirt Films are very pleased to announce the addition of Alex Simpson to our director’s roster.

Alex has been busy in her career to date making films for John Lewis & Partners, Barclays, the NSPCC, GHD and many more. Her contemporary style, attention to detail and innate sense of what looks good has meant a growing list of brands eager to work with her.

Alex’s award-winning documentaries also really catch the eye; Her most recent ‘The Fell Runner’ (a finalist at this year AOP Awards) is a joyful celebration of the niche sport that is a test of the mind as well as the body. And ‘Dambe’, shot on location in Lagos, is about an extremely violent world of bare-knuckle combat and follows a young Nigerian fighter called Taiwo.

She loves exploring and has a fascination with the big, difficult questions that we as humans sometimes find hard enough to understand, let alone answer. In her filmmaking she relishes human connections and delves into emotional subject matter. A celebration of the individuals who live near the edges and bold contemporary visuals are her twin passions.

Richard Martin Nice Shirt’s EP: “We love Alex’s work – she’s got a rare knack of – seemingly effortlessly – getting under the skin of her subjects and crafting films that articulate what it means to be human. She’s funny, thoughtful and fabulously self-motivated – which is helpful in these odd times. I think she’s going to do great things.”

Dunelm by Jesper Ericstam


12 October 2020

Jesper Ericstam’s latest film is the first in a new campaign for home furnishing store Dunelm. A bold and heart-warming change in direction for Dunelm sees a light-hearted depiction of everyday dramas based on real customers’ stories. What really goes on behind the front door!

Crafted with Jesper’s trademark quirky humour and relentless attention to detail, it’s bound to raise a smile of recognition for most of us  – whether it’s the “everything drawer” where you stuff the unopened mail along with all the other little bits of ‘stuff’ that don’t belong anywhere else,  the “relaxing” bath shared with the kids and anyone else who fancies popping in, or the herculean task of trying to get the bloody duvet cover on – we’ve all been there…

Drive Smart by Jon Hollis


4 September 2020

Most of us wouldn’t dream of drink driving but driving tired is potentially just as deadly. Jon’s latest film for Road Safety Scotland and the Leith Agency is a simple but shockingly effective representation of the very real danger of driving in a fatigued state. Jon designed a rig to capture the close-up of the driver’s eye whilst actually on the move to achieve the level of authenticity he always strives for. Then several days in Flame with Jon at the controls posting roads, the accident and visualising the tragic but entirely avoidable end result.


Jesper Ericstam



Kim Geldenhuys


Matt Houghton Joins Nice Shirt


19 February 2020

We at Nice Shirt Films are delighted to welcome Matt Houghton to our directors’ roster.

Matt is a prolific, multi award-winning filmmaker who crafts intimate human stories. His films often stand astride the line between fact and fiction. He has an eye that spots beautiful and poignant in the everyday and seemingly ordinary.

Matt arrives at Nice Shirt with a commercial reel containing  many famous brands, including Google, Volkswagen, Strongbow, Toyota, Smart Car, Axe, Red Bull, Camelot, Save The Children, Nikon and The Guardian.

His short film Landline  – relating the real stories told to a help line set up to support gay farmers – deservedly won the 2018 Grierson Award for Best Documentary Short and a VIMEO Best of The Year 2019 Nomination. Landline was selected as part of the British Council/BFI’s #FiveFilms4Freedom campaign where it was watched over 450,000 times in 12 days, also won the HBO Short Documentary Award.