So when’s it Children’s Day??

27 May 2014

There’s the old one that kids always like ask, about how there’s a Father’s Day and there’s a Mother’s Day… so when’s it Children’s Day?? The obvious answer is that it’s Children’s Day everyday, as this film shows. Two cheeky young scamps run a Dad ragged on just your regular average morning routine, featuring spilt milk, dog shaving and very diva-ish wardrobe demands.

The family’s quite vast array of Philips products get put to their full use in a spot that is a cute slice of frantic family life, with a twist at the end that shows a father’s day/work is never done.

Excitingly enough, the film is one of the initial offspring from JJ’s new German production venture. FoxDevil Films comprises of an immensely talented roster out of Berlin that is sure to take over Germany and beyond soon.