Spend some quality family time with Liz’s latest for Toffifee

10 February 2015

Dad and the kids are getting arty and crafty at the kitchen table. Mum is being helped-but-not-really-helped with putting new sheets on the bed. The kids are making sure every last bubble is popped on the bubble wrap… Liz’s film revels in these simple, cosy family moments, whilst also reminding us to put down our phones and enjoy time spent together as a family (with all its messes, giggles, shouts and fun). Even the dog gets some love. Top the whole thing off with some delicious chocolate treats and you’ve got the perfect day.

Our time spent with the Toffifee family is beautifully observational as we get right in amongst their day spent together. Paint is spilled and pans boil over in this perfect portrait of family life, directed with a tone and subtlety we’ve come to expect from Liz. Plus we see certain members of our family engaging in a spot of balloon football wearing scuba diving flippers, so you’ve really got no reason not to watch.